Noblerex K1 Vibration Exercise Machine

Bulletproof WBV
Bulletproof WBV

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Bulletproof WBV




Bulletproof® WBV Noblerex K1 Platinum®


#1 - Vibration Type





 #2 - Grade (Approved uses)



Home Fitness



Home & Commercial Fitness



#3 - Maximum weight load


331 lbs

330 lbs


 #4 - Frequency Range (Hz means vibrations per sec)



30 hz only


7-28 Hz


#5 - Amplitude***


 4 millimeters

 0-14 millimeters


 #6 - Setting



1 fixed setting


10 manual settings and 3 automatic vibration exercise settings.


#6 - Time Settings


 Not Available

 10 minutes at a time


#6 - Remote Control







#6 - Assembly


 Not Available

 6 screws to assemble


#7 - G-Force



0.2-0.3 G-forces


Up to 9 Gs


#8 - Manufactured in:





#9 - Warranty


 1 year free replacement of the motor


6 years parts, 2 years labor


#10 - Satisfaction Guarantee



 Not Available

 15 Days. No restocking fee. We pay for shipping back from anywhere in the continental US.


#11 - Extra Features





Acupressure Knobs on Platform. They also prevent feet from slipping.


#12 - Additional Costs to Consider





#13 - Good Value







#14 - Doctor Recommended?





#15 - Unlimited Support?



We Had Trouble Getting a Hold of Someone on the Phone.




Accessories Included:



 Upper body straps, DVD and poster





25" x 24" x 9"


31" (width) x 23" (deep) x 50" (high)


Surface Plate Dimensions


 25" x 24"

 14" D x 23" W


Adjustable Feet and Moving Wheels










1Ž4 HP motor ?


2 HP


Machine Weight


 93 lbs.


98 lbs.


Payment Plan







 None in stock until 6/30


Free shipping anywhere in the continental US





 $2495 ($280 Off). No sales tax.


*Download the Free Buyers Guide for more details on the the 16 Features to compare. The buyers guide provides a full explanation on features 1-15 above and why they are important. Just fill out your information below for immediate access.


**Phone representative admitted these features work just OKAY. Dependent on the moisture on palms.


***Amplitude is one of the most important factors in creating a benefits of whole body vibration! If the amplitude is not great enough, the exercise will not be as beneficial. Read more about this in our buyers guide #5


Note: This and all information above was obtained from the respective company websites or over the phone on 05/07/15 (,,



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