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Tips On Buying the Right Vibration Exercise Machine
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  • Noblerex K1 Knock-Offs and Cheaply Made Copy-Cat Machines to Watch Out For
  • Unauthorized Noblerex K1 Distributors and Websites to Avoid at All Costs
  • What to Look for in a Quality Full Body Vibration Exercise Machine (this is HUGE)

Warning: Beware of Cheap Vibration Exercise Machine Knock-offs

There are many vibration exercise machines for sale on the market, some good, some bad, and some just plain ugly. We have personally tried over 20 different models and the machines below are ones we believe are the ones to avoid at all costs. These vibrating exercise machines are very cheaply made, have weak motors and weak amplitudes and have a choppy or awkward motion. In the case of the Vibeplate, Stadium Platform, and Soloflex (pictured below), they are just platforms with a motor underneath and not really space technology-based vibration platforms at all. So buyer beware.
For people who are interested in owning a vibrating exercise machine, it can get confusing trying to figure out which machine to buy. There are a lot of other whole body vibration machines out there, and you can spend hours online trying to find a similar type of machine for much less money. The fact is, there are some products on the market that don’t work as claimed.
We actually tested out many of these vibration exercise machines side by side with the Noblerex K1, and let us tell you - it’s a night and day difference. The Noblerex K1 has a stronger and smoother vibration, and is built with a stronger and more durable motor, so it will last longer. Also, unlike the cheap brands below, the Noblerex K1 is commercially built and rated for up to 8 hours a day of use, and is one of the only whole body vibration machines that is medically used and recommended for therapeutic purposes (as well as for everyday vibration exercise).
Don't be fooled by cheap knock-offs under $2,000.  In fact, we've learned that the majority of the lower-end whole body vibration market (under $2,500) is comprised of a handful of identical models being sold under different names!
For your sake, we're going to point out a few machines and companies to watch out for. While many of these vibration exercise machines tend to be cheaper and claim the same benefits as the more expensive machines, please keep reading:
It's pretty clear these are identical machines that are simply different in color and labeling.
Vibra-trim, Crazy Fit Massage, Vibra-pHirm, HealthZone and probably others are the same exact low-quality vibrating exercise machine.  Vibra-slim, Europlate, and PowerVibe Motion I are identical machines. There are many more duplicate machines out there as well.
We have tried most of them out (because more are introduced to the market every month) and they are a waste of money. They’re cheaply made, have a weak amplitude, and a cheap motor that may break down within a few weeks or months of using it. Please watch out for cheap copy cat models in your research by examining the look and feel of the machine to others you've seen.
It's one thing to say that these companies are all buying from the same manufacture, but below is the most shocking thing we've seen - an invoice that shows some of these vibration machines cost only $125 to make! These cheap units are costing only $125 to buy from the manufacturer, yet some companies are charging $1,299.00 and up plus taxes and shipping. That’s quite a markup!

So please think twice before supporting a company who is simply looking to benefit from whole body vibration research done on TRUE QUALITY machines by selling you a cheap, untested, and possibly unsafe machines.
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Thank you for warning me about all of these other machines I've been seeing on the market. I would like some more information on the Noblerex K1 sent to me, as well as the introduction video and a $100 off-the-sale-price coupon code.

Beware of Unauthorized Noblerex Distributors
These are a few distributors and websites advertising the Noblerex K1 Whole Body Vibration Machine that we know to be neither official or currently authorized. These sites also may also use bait and switch tactics (they have a picture of the Noblerex K1 but when you click on the image it takes you to another whole body vibration machine), or be a fake or unauthorized manufacture. Protect your investment and time and do not buy from them.

We’ve Done Vibration Exercise Machine Reviews

Vibration exercise machine reviews and tests have been on models:
  •  • Turbosonic
  •  • Soloflex
  •  • Vibeplate
  •  • Crazy Fit Massage
  •  • Vibratrim
  •  • Vibraslim
  •  • Europlate
  •  • Proenergy
  •  • Vibrapro 5500
  •  • Vibraflex
  •  • Galileo
  •  • Power Plate Commercial Model
  •  • Power Plate My3
  •  • Power Plate My5
  •  • DKN
  •  • Hypergravity
  •  • Vibrafit
  •  • Two others (brand unknown)
If you could try a K1 Machine side by side with any one of these units, as we have, you would see there is just no comparison.  We have tested many of the competing oscillating and linear vibration exercise machines and the differences are huge.  The Noblerex K1 has a stronger and smoother vibration, feels more comfortable and natural, and it is built with a stronger and more durable motor (so it will last MUCH longer).
Also, getting a great one-hour workout in 10 minutes requires your machine have enough amplitude (rise and fall of the platform edge) to generate enough force.   When we tested 90% of the competing oscillating/pivotal systems under $10,000, only the Noblerex K1 matched the amplitude and intensity of the original whole body vibration machine, the Galileo.  (we have a 14 mm amplitude).  Other units may be less expensive, but they lack the proper amplitude, which means you hardly feel like you are getting a workout.  This is just one of the reasons we believe so strongly in the Noblerex K1’s ability to deliver the results and benefits you’ve read about on this site.
Don't be fooled by cheap imitations – get the vibrating exercise machine closest to the original Galileo machine that's quieter, lighter, commercially rated, and 1/4 the price: The Noblerex K1.
Of course you don't want to waste your money or time buying the wrong machine. The Noblerex K1 Platinum is the best vibration machine on the market for the quality, sturdiness, motor power and precision, safety, and price. There’s no question about it. We personally stake our personal and professional reputation on the Noblerex K1 Platinum. We offer a 15 day full money back guarantee (and pay for the return shipping). We all own one ourselves and use it every day.

Tips On How to Buy the Right Vibrating Exercise Machine

So by now you’ve seen the positive press and well-documented benefits on vibration plate training and are considering purchasing your own machine.  You want those results of a slimmer, healthier, stronger body for yourself too.
Vibration exercise machines range dramatically in price from $200 to $15,000 for top-of-the-line professional models.  The more serious home user tends to ignore the lower priced models and opt for something between $3,000 and $5,000.
However, there are a number of machines available in this range, so how do you know what you should look for? What features are the most important to pay attention to? There is a large variety of vibration machines available; because they are all built differently, a bit of research and comparison is absolutely crucial.
The most important thing is: you don’t want to waste your money on a machine that will break down or never be used because it feels weak, awkward, or unsafe; and you certainly don’t want to waste your time returning a machine you're not delighted with.

Key Considerations for Full Body Vibration Exercise Machines:

Medical Rating and Approval
If you are looking to buy a whole body vibration machine for therapeutic use - whether it be for osteoporosis, neuromuscular retraining, accelerated weight loss, balance, or general rehabilitation - you may want to take note: not all vibrating exercise machines are designed for vibration therapy purposes. This is even stated in some of the user manuals in bold, all-caps font. Therefore, these are probably not the machines for those looking to use a vibration exercise machine for therapy.  To ensure you get a safe machine that is proven to work, is of institutional quality, and is recommended by doctors, we highly recommend getting a medically approved and commercial quality whole body vibration machine.  See this blog post we did in January 2010 for more details on this:
Machine Stability
Lightweight, plastic models (under 80 lbs, for example) may move across the floor when in use; some have even been known to topple over.  Intense movement and use puts a strain on the parts, loosening bolts and screws, and ultimately lessens the life of the machine.  The additional movement could also have a negative effect on the user, causing unnecessary shaking to the body.  A stable, heavier vibration machine with a design built for sturdiness, and not just for looks, is critically important.
Maximum User Weight
The higher the maximum user weight, the sturdier your vibration exercise machine. It’s as simple as that. Lower maximum weight means weaker bearings.  If a vibration machine wears down, it may operate at a lower frequency than indicated, meaning you won’t get the full vibration (or benefits) you think you’re getting.
Commercially Built and Rated
A commercial rating ensures the vibration exercise machine is built tough enough to sustain all day use in a gym, office, or clinical setting.  The motor and parts are built to last on a commercial machine. A commercially rated machine could last you 5-10 years or longer if you plan on using it just for yourself or your family. We have run one of our Noblerex K1s for 3 straight days continuously with no problem whatsoever, just for experiment’s sake. There is also a clinic that has dozens of clients on the machines all day long and they have never broken down. When comparing the Noblerex to other vibration exercise machines, please be sure to compare it to another commercially rated model so you can get an "apples to apples" comparison.
Type of Vibration
There are a number of differences between oscillating/pivotal and vertical/linear vibration.  Vertical, or linear, vibrating exercise machines can jar the spine like a jack hammer. Quality oscillating/pivotal vibration systems create a very smooth and powerful vibration movement like the original Galileo used by the Russian Space program, and have been shown in independent research to be the safest and most effective method of whole body vibration exercise.
Again and again, research that clearly shows that pivotal/oscillating platforms versus tri-planar and linear platform systems are no contest. The pivotal/oscillating platform is what brings results. It is the easiest type of vibration to use in an exercise program as well, meaning it is the most effective and comfortable for all ages and fitness levels to use on their own, routinely, and without a trainer. Also, this type of vibration is most similar to your natural gait, or back and fourth movement as you walk, and is therefore going to be the most natural movement for your body.

Example of oscillating/pivotal vibration (left) compared to vertical/linear vibration (right).

Machine Amplitude
Amplitude is the maximum vertical distance the edge of the plate moves up and down. Like we mentioned above, in order to get a great one-hour workout in 10 minutes requires your machine have enough amplitude (rise and fall of the platform edge) to generate enough force.  A vibration machine that has an amplitude of 10 mm is not going to feel anywhere as powerful as a machine with 12 mm, and a machine with 12 mm amplitude is going to feel weak compared to a machine with a 14 mm amplitude.
Frequency Range
The frequency is the number of times the platform vibrates per second. For example, a frequency of 15 Hz means the plates are moving up and down 15 times per second. Machines boasting very high frequencies (over 30 Hz) can be dangerous and can adversely impact muscles.   Lower frequencies, on the other hand, simply do not provide enough benefit. Research proves the peak frequency range for benefiting the muscles is 18-27 Hertz (approximate vibrations a second). This is based on the natural contraction and relaxation cycles of the muscles resulting in reinforcement or resonance.
Program Duration Options
Some whole body vibration machines, like the Power Plate, have very interval settings – for example, 15 to 60 seconds.  This is usually because it’s not always safe to spend a long period of time on a vibration-training machine in certain poses.  However, more often than not, you will be doing exercises one right after another. With longer program durations, you wouldn't have to keep re-starting the machine.  Longer time settings can also be an indication that the machine is safe to use for longer periods of time.  If you’re older or in need of recovery, the ability to use the machine for 10 minutes or longer at a time without stopping means that you can simply set it once and then stand or sit on it to enjoy the benefits.
Additional Accessories
Some whole body vibration machines (again, like the Power Plate) highly recommend you purchase additional vibration equipment such as a "vibration shield," to place in-between your machine and the floor, to prevent your room from feeling like there is an earthquake happening in your room. These accessories can cost up to $375 – a very significant additional purchase, not to mention taxes and shipping on top of that.
Most of the lower priced machines do not perform well because they simply don’t follow the movement whole body vibration research is based upon.  They are just platforms with a motor underneath; not really much of a whole body vibration at all.  Vibration exercise machines under $1,000 tend to fall in to this category.  On the other hand, the more expensive machines ($5,000 and up) are priced incrediblly high - especially if they're not commercially rated. They're just not affordable for the average person.  While there are some pretty nice vibration machines over $5,000, most people can't spend that type of money, even if they need it for their health.
The Noblerex K1 Platinum
The Noblerex K1 price is just under $3,000, and that's a price you can feel good about.  It has a sturdy construction and a quality motor.  While the Noblerex K1 has a premium price, the K1 is actually quite a bargain, because it is the most similar in class to machines over $10,000 (like the Galileo and Vibraflex).
The Noblerex K1:
  Is Used By and Recommended by Doctors Across Fields.
  Is very sturdy and stable at 98 lbs and can hold up to 330 lbs.
  Is Commercially Rated.  It is very well built and will not break down under normal use.  It has a commercial-built 2 HP motor with strong bearings and a smooth and strong vibration.
  Uses the oscillating vibration motion that has been shown in independent research to be the safest, and most effective method of whole body vibration exercise. It is the easiest type of vibration exercise to use on your own, as well.
  Has an amplitude of 14 millimeters.
  Provides the right frequency, or vibration, range for optimal benefits. Levels 6-10 on the K1 operate in the optimal range of 16-28 vibrations per second. These are the most recommended settings unless you are recovering from a serious injury, or are elderly. In those cases, we recommend levels 1-5.
  Offers flexible programs times: You can choose 1-10 minute increments, a manual setting, or one of three auto program settings.
  Has been tested and confirmed at 4 Gs (The stronger the G force, the stronger the workout). This is twice as powerful as other inferior and cheaper models on the market.
  Is the best vibration exercise machine on the market that most closely matches the original whole body vibration machine: the Galileo.  It is 1/4 the price of the original Galileo with almost all the same benefits, and, in a survey at Ohio State University, 26 out of 28 people actually preferred the Noblerex K1 over the Galileo.
  Activates reflexology points on the bottom of the feet.
  Is quieter than similar products on the market.
  Has been found by doctors at a medical clinic in Scottsdale, AZ, to be the safest, most efficient, and most economical model that they could purchase.  It is recommended by more physicians than any other vibrating exercise machine on the market as well.
  Is suitable for ALL ages and fitness levels.  Kids use it, teenagers, athletes, people with health challenges, baby boomers and senior citizens. Our friend Lee Vayle, 97 years young, uses the K1! Please check out this website for our testimonials.
  Is backed by a company with great customer service and support!  We pride ourselves at being friendly, knowledgeable about our machine and whole body vibration exercise, and making sure people are getting the results they're looking for.
Final Note from Us
We hope you found this page helpful.  Not many people have the opportunity to try out the Noblerex K1 Platinum before they buy.  That's why we offer a 15 day full money back guarantee plus free shipping back (in the Continental US).  Please give us a call anytime for a free consultation or to ask us any questions you might have. We want you to experience the benefits, results, and overall wellness the Noblerex K1 can give you and can't wait to hear your testimonial!
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